thefitnessotaku asked:

So I've lost all my motivation. I haven't been to the gym in almost a month. I've lost over 100lbs but recently my fire is gone. I wasn't seeing any gains and stopped losing weight and it has depressed me to the point I have no desire to hit the gym. Any kind of help would be appreciated, I'm desperate man. Thanks

gymaaholic answered:

These kind of things happens. You’re not desperate, you’re just lost.

It’s all about keeping the fire alive. 

Nobody is born with a motivation of a legend. Even successful people can hit plateau, then feel weak as fuck… but that’s normal brah.

Success is not a straight line, otherwise everyone would be successful right?

Brah, get your shit together! In your fitness journey, you won’t always feel motivated, but that’s okay because it’s human.

Discipline yourself in getting better every single day even when your world is falling apart.

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